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I GOT TAGGED! By Tsuki-dono

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

8 FACTS ABOUT Sunbeam the dragoness (My Oc created for the World of Big Hero 6)
#1 -  Sunbeam is a female dragon with pink eyes and red scales.
#2 - She loves to play, cuddle and eat, but never eats broccoli cus she hates it.
#3 - Fred Lee (Big Hero 6) is the one raising her since birth.
#4 - Sunbeam was created in a lab by Fred´s father Stan Lee who tried to save the speicies after discovering fresh dragon dna in Brazil, he later entrusted her to his son to raise her cus he is the most capable.
#5 - As newborn her first meal was a Cheeseburger which she took from her beloved owner, Fred.
#6 - She can breathe fire some weeks after birth.
#7 - She is very intelligent, almost like a human but she cant talk.
#8 - If her loved ones (Big hero 6, especially Fred) gets threatened or hurt, thats the only time when she gets dangerous and aggressive.

Tagged ones!

1. Livingalivecreator - Mabel

2. Fourth-star - Solna

3. Maygirl96 - Magma

4. Starmio - Tele

5. Lunamidnight1998 - Wolf Blanc 

6. Ilkyra - Scylla

7. kaerralind - Iisii

8. lunakun99 - Rose Enoshima

Spread the tag! :D
Happy new year everyone! YAY!

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A deviant has a happy new year 20000 Points raffle.
4 deviants gets the chance to win 5000 Points each, just follow the instructions written in this journal and you are in. :D
link here.

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Good Luck!
Today 24th december is when we in Sweden celebrates Christmas! :D Pink Pastel Christmas Tree Flashing Christmas Tree Emoticon 
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